If you are not in Budapest yet, but want to reserve an apartment, it’s possible. Indeed, we can organize a reservation by distance, and we organize everything so the day of your arrival in Budapest, everything is ready and you can move in immediately.

This procedure insures the owner that you will rent the apartment and for you the owner on his side keeps the apartment until the day of the keys hand-over. If you wish to visit the apartment when you arrive, before paying the deposit, it’s also possible, we can organize a visit. However this will postpone a bit the moving day and the keys hand-over.

We are totally familiar with that procedure, and 90% of our tenants since more than 8 years are booking their apartments by distance. it allows you to arrive in Budapest with everything organized and with a serene mind, without any stress. we have more than 8 years of experience and history. You can find here our main activity in Budapest: We can also provide you some recent reviews from people who stayed in the apartments through Airbnb.

However, if you prefer to first visit the apartment, before renting it, you can wait to be in Budapest and we will organize a visit. Of course, there won’t be many choice left. 


You will find below the procedure in order to book an apartment with us.


We would need a copy of the ID of every roommate in order to write the reservation agreement with all the details concerning the rent.


Signature of the reservation agreement (written in English) between the owner and all the tenants. This signature is done by distance, electronically.


Payment directly to the owner of the first month of rent as a deposit for the reservation. This amount will then be used as the first month of rent.


Redaction and signature of the lease agreement. Every details will be mentioned in this document.


Few days before the check-in, payment of the deposit, which is equal to 2 months of rent. The deposit is directly transferred to the owner.


Arrival in Budapest, check-in the apartment. An inventory will be done in details, then you will get the keys of your new home!

organization of the rent

  • We don’t charge any fees to the tenants, neither for finding the apartment nor for the daily management
  • No money is transferring through our company. Everything goes directly to the owner of the apartment. However, we are your unique contact person during the lease.
  • We are very precautious concerning our apartments, that’s why an inventory is done when entering and also one when leaving the apartment.
  • It’s not possible to rent just one bedroom. The apartments are for rent integrally. The names of all the tenants will appear on the contracts.
  • We only accept EUROS payment, and bank transfers. It’s not possible to pay by cash.